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    You can track passengers and density at the airport without interruption.
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No Need for Mobile App

You don't need any mobile app or sensor to use the Indoor5.0. Take control with your Wi-Fi network.

Supported by Cameras

Get detailed reports by using data of cameras such as; gender, age, mask, density of customer...

Warning System

The Warning System generates an alarm when you set up an alarm for not wearing a mask, detecting high temperature or unauthorized personnel.

24/7 Monitoring

Tracking your factory, workplace or office 24/7.

Indoor 5.0 - Personnel Module

You can examine the performance of the personnel with the Indoor5.0 product. You can easily reach emergency personnel. You can track the time of your staff.

Active Hours

You can report which days and hours the airport is busier.

Device Information

Indoor 5.0 can report brand and model of the device your staff uses.

Density Map

See when your staff is busy at which locations.


With the Indoor5.0 product, you can track your passengers and measure indoor performance. You can see the time-based density map of passengers. You can instantly monitor the density of the doors and create an alarm. You can report how dense areas are, so you can optimize your interior planning.
You can follow the preferences of the passengers

You can follow the preferences of the passengers

You can see which stores are preferred more in the airport.
You can interfere with the density and please your customers.

Allotment and Gate Density

You can create alerts by following the intensity of your passengers for ticket and baggage transactions. You can assign personnel by following the door densities.
Watch 24/7, be in control.

Visitor Density

You can report visitors instantly. You can also check social distance.

Social Distance and Fillation

Make sure that social distance is maintained in your factory, store or workplace. Build the fillation tree.

Social Distance

Indoor5.0 can follow the social distancing of people in indoor locations and can create a warning in contact.

Healthy Environment

Indoor5.0 can take measures for social distance rules by following your staff and customer density. You can control the entrance-exit

Fillation Tree

Indoor5.0 can create the fillation tree of the staff and get their contact history.


You can take your precautions with day and hour based density reports.

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