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    Follow the factory, store or office and obtain performance reports.
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Human Detection

Human detection applications are carried out with cameras.

Object Detection

Identifying objects and tracking their movement

Energy Saving

Open-forgotten light alarms and energy applications based on the number of people are made.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your factory, workplace or office 24/7. Be in control.

Indoor 5.0 - Human Detection

Indoor5.0 can detect and report people in the environment.

Instant Number of People

Find out the real-time number of people

People Counting

Daily visitor numbers are captured and historical reports are generated.

Density Map

See the density map of people based on time and space.

Object Detection

With the Indoor5.0 product, you can introduce the objects in the environment to the system. You can follow the defined objects and create alarms.
Create reminder alerts

Create reminder alerts

You can create reminder alarms when an object needs to be removed at a certain time
Create burglar alarms

Create burglar alarms

Theft alarms are generated in case the objects are stolen from their environment.
You can follow up the fixtures

You can follow up the fixtures

Track the existence and changes of fixtures.

Social Distance and Fillation

Make sure that social distance is maintained in your factory, store or workplace. Build the fillation tree.

Social Distance

Indoor5.0 can follow the social distancing of people in indoor locations and can create a warning in contact.

Healthy Environment

Indoor5.0 can take measures for social distance rules by following your staff and customer density. You can control the entrance-exit

Fillation Tree

Indoor5.0 can create the fillation tree of the staff and get their contact history.


You can take your precautions with day and hour based density reports.

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