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  • Indoor5.0 - Asset Tracking system

Indoor5.0 - Asset Tracking System

Tracking of people or objects can be achieved with 1m location accuracy over wifi or bluetooth signals captured by Meraki Access Points that can provide MQTT data.

RTLS solutions are developed by IWROBOTX with Cisco solution partnership are widely used in various fields such as retail, hotel, hospital, logistics, Oil & Gas industry.


Get advantageous features with high-tech Cisco Meraki devices.

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor your assets with real time monitoring

Asset Safety

Reduce your lost and stolen costs


Increase your productivity using the most widely used Wi-Fi technology


You can receive alert notifications in case of assets status.

Indoor5.0 - Features of RTLS Asset Tracking System

  • Real Time Object tracking on Dashboard
  • Transferring sensor data and status information of objects/assets to the Dashboard
  • Creating and tracking alarms for asset movements
  • Remote control of product health status thanks to the Sensor data in the tag placed in the assets