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  • Indoor5.0 - RFID Child Tracking System

Kids Club Tracking

kids club tracking is provided through wristbands (without batteries) put on children's wrists in the hotel .

Parents can monitor their children via the mobile application, and email notifications are sent to parents for emergency situations.

Smart Lock
Location Tracking


Density Map

Density Map

Detailed Reports

You can get time-based information with daily, monthly and annual reports. You can receive notifications for the child leaving the game room.

Allergic Status Monitoring

You can define the special situations for children on the Dashboard. In this way, you can provide privileged service for each child.

Child Tracking System Dashboard and Mobile Features

  • Child Registration System
  • Kids Club density map
  • Real-time tracking of allergic conditions for kids
  • Family special note tracking (allergic, status, diet, etc.)
  • Ensuring which child is followed in which playing room.
  • Turnstile integration via wristband
  • Room registration via wristband


Make sure your child is safe with the Child Tracking System.

Wearing the Wristband

A wristband with a smart lock is put on the child's arm at the entrance..

Location Tracking

View where your child is now.


You will get a notification when your child leaves the playing room.

Wristband Features for Child Tracking

  • Tear-proof, soft material
  • Impact resistant
  • IP67 waterproof, can be used in the pool
  • Battery-Free (Battery-Free) Technology (10+ years lifetime)
  • NFC Feature (allergic situations or family notes can be read with NFC feature)
  • Magnetic Lock System (Can only be opened with the help of a tool at the Reception)
  • Color Selection
  • Turnstile Integration