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  • Indoor5.0 - People Counting System

Indoor5.0 - People Counting System

With cutting-edge camera technology, you can instantly follow the customers entering and leaving your areas.

With INCount technology, the image is processed on the camera and only the number of people is transferred to the Dashboard.INCount technology prevents unnecessary use of server resources. With low server costs, you can easily digitize your buildings and find out the number of people visiting your buildings.

People Counting
Low cost

Indoor5.0 - People Counting System Features

  • People Counting
  • Tracking people who come to and leave the building with ID assignment


Alarm Definition

You can create an alarm when the number of people increases or decreases

24/7 Monitoring

Follow the people counting with real-time data.

No Sensor Required

Does not require a sensor or device on the person

Indoor5.0 - People Counting System Features

  • Number of people reports hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Queue Tracking
  • Case density Tracking
  • Rayon density tracking
  • Gender discrimination
  • Requires 1GB RAM Per Camera