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Indoor5.0 - Smart Cabinet Tracking System

  • You can find out the number of clean towels on the beach and track how many towels each customer use via the Smart Cabinet.
  • Measuring Tool Tracking
  • Work Equipment Tracking
  • File Tracking


You can manage your processes more efficiently with the RFID smart cabinet.

Increase Security


Increase Traceability


Prevent Loss and Displacements

Smart Shelf and Cabinet Tracking System Features

  • Confirmation of correct processing for products taken from or placed in the Smart Cabinet
  • Determining whether the products in a project recipe are used correctly or not
  • Confirmation of which product is currently in which Smart locker
  • Reports of all product log records on Dashboard
  • Management of Smart Cabinet via Dashboard

RTLS Oil Truck Tracking

  • You can track the oil trucks that enter and leave the area via Bluetooth or GSM tags as a real time.
  • Oil Truck tracking
  • Records for Oil Truck waiting time in the area
  • Determination of the oil trucks which you will make invoice.

Indoor5.0 Asset Tracking

  • Track all assets via battery-free RFID tags in your buildings
  • Track your assets via Bluetooth tags or battery-powered RFID tags for valuable assets in the building.

Asset Tracking

In your building, you can track all equipment via battery-free RFID tags on a single platform such as; kitchen equipment, library equipment, restaurant equipment, laptop, computer, monitor, etc.

RFID tags in various shapes can transfer data up to between 2-20m. RFID tags, which are specially selected for use-cases as the application type, are used in various ways as screwable, sewable, adhesive models according to the way of use.

For more information for the application areas of battery-free RFID tags, please contact us.


Alarm Definition

Receive notifications when assets move or go out of building

Stock Tracking

Track the number of asset in your warehouse with real time data.

Battery Free Labels

Reduce your maintenance costs with battery-free RFID tags.

RFID Asset Tracking System Features

  • Track to Computer, laptop, monitor, bed, kettle, curtain via battery-free RFID tags.
  • Management of processes such as asset adding, tracking, etc. on Dashboard
  • You can instantly count your assets on the Dashboard.
  • User authorization feature, your worker can see the embezzled devices on the Dashboard and add new devices
  • You can create asset categories and filter on the dashboard according to the created categories.
  • You can create asset footprint with asset Log records
  • You can create an email notification if the asset moves from one place to another place.
  • You can track assets when assets go for repairs to the supplier and when they come again


There are different types of RFID tags that you can use according to your needs.

Adhesive Label

Self-adhesive RFID tags to track asset

Sewable Laundry Label

Sewable and washable labels to track textiles such as towels, quilts

High Temperature Labels

RFID Labels that can endurance up to 230 degrees

Metal Surface Labels

Adhesive and screw-on labels that you can mount on metal surfaces

Indoor5.0 - RTLS Asset Tracking System

Tracking of people or objects over wifi or bluetooth signals captured via Access Points that can provide MQTT data can be achieved with 1m location accuracy.

Our software solutions, which are integrated with Cisco Meraki solutions that can provide the healthiest MQTT data today, provide you with the infrastructure to manage all RTLS (Real-time locating systems) infrastructures you will need in the future on a single platform.

RTLS solutions developed by IWROBOTX with Cisco business partnership are widely used in various fields such as retail, hotel, hospital, logistics, oil industry.


Features you can benefit from with RTLS inventory tracking


24/7 Tracking




Indoor5.0 - Features of RTLS Asset Tracking System

  • Real Time Object tracking on Dashboard
  • Transferring sensor data and status information of objects/assets to the Dashboard
  • Creating and tracking alarms for asset movements
  • Remote control of product health status thanks to the Sensor data in the tag placed in the assets

Indoor5.0 Employee Tracking

  • You can track your Worker via RFID badge technology in the building.
  • You can follow your staff via mobile phone wifi technology in the areas.
  • You can track your employees via Bluetooth Tags in the areas .

Indoor5.0 - Employee Tracking System

Employees can be tracked through the Indoor5.0 Dashboard, using the worker's badge or the wristband given to the workers. The information about the movements for employees and how long they spend in the building are provided via battery-free RFID tags or battery-free RFID wristbands.


Monitoring the employees' working hours and working place

Employee Efficiency

Monitoring the employees' working hours and working place
Employees can be integrated in the Dashboard with employees' badges.


Employees can be integrated in the Dashboard with employees' badges.
Minimize your maintenance costs with battery-free wristbands

Wristband Without Battery

Minimize your maintenance costs with battery-free wristbands

Indoor5.0 - RFID Employee Tracking System Features

  • Employee Efficiency Calculations
  • Employee - Working time calculations
  • Emergency monitoring (space density control, etc.)
  • Identifying the most productive employees
  • Confirmation of the working hours for employees for their own region

Indoor5.0 - Employee Tracking System

Employee are monitored as real time via the wifi signal of the smart phone or the signals received over Access Points via a bluetooth tag given to the worker.

By selecting the areas for employees on the Dashboard, reports are presented as to which employees spend how much time in his/her own area and which employees works outside of his/her own area.


Increase your employees efficiency with RTLS personnel tracking

Real Time Monitoring

Monitoring employees as a real time

Employee Safety

Safety precaution for employees working in hazardous areas


Increase your productivity using the most widely used Wi-Fi technology


You can receive warning notifications in case of employee relocation.

Indoor5.0 - Employee Tracking System Features

  • Emergency tracking
  • Movement and health tracking for lone employees
  • Employee Efficiency Calculations
  • Employee - Working time calculations
  • Identifying the most productive employees
  • Confirmation of the working hours for employees for their own region

Single Employee Tracking in Dangerous Zones

  • lone worker is ensured to work safely via Bluetooth, RFID or GSM tags.
  • Worker position
  • Hazardous situation detection (fall, injury, fire or motionless of the worker, etc.)
  • Gas detection in the work area