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  • Indoor5.0 - RFID Customer Tracking system

Indoor5.0 - RFID Customer Tracking System

Thanks to the wristbands given to the guests, the footprints of the guests in the building are determined. It is a system that can be integrated with entrance systems such as turnstile doors and the system provides real-time visitors' tracking on the dashboard.


You can follow the guests' density and density of areas in buildings

Density Maps

View the time-based density maps in the building.

Campaign Tracking

After you enter your campaign details in Indoor 5.0 Dashboard, you can track the guest behaviors related to the relevant campaigns.


Receiving the alarms generated from Dashboard when the areas are filled

Indoor5.0 - RFID Customer Tracking System Features

  • Footprint Tracking for Guests
  • Density Maps for Guests
  • Orders can be confirmed via wristbands on the visitor's arm
  • Reporting the areas preferred by guests
  • Special marketing studies for guests