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  • Indoor5.0 - Employee Tracking system

Indoor5.0 - Employee Tracking System

Employee are monitored as real time via the wifi signal of the smart phone or the signals received over Access Points via a bluetooth tag given to the worker.

By selecting the areas for employees on the Dashboard, reports are presented as to which employees spend how much time in his/her own area and which employees works outside of his/her own area.

If lone workers do not move for a certain period of time, alerts are created for the relevant people on the dashboard. Thus, the health status of workers works in dangerous areas with the risk of occupational accidents can be monitored instantly on the Dashboard.


Wi-Fi Technology

You can track employees with existing Wifi infrastructure in the building.


Get notification when employees leave from own areas.

Overtime Tracking

Track working hours for employees.

Indoor5.0 - Employee Tracking System Features

  • Emergency tracking
  • Movement and health tracking for lone employees
  • Employee Efficiency Calculations
  • Employee - Working time calculations
  • Emergency monitoring (space density control, etc.)
  • Identifying the most productive employees
  • Confirmation of the working hours for employees for their own region


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Real Time Monitoring

Monitoring employees as a real time

Employee Safety

Safety precaution for employees working in hazardous areas


Increase your productivity using the most widely used Wi-Fi technology


You can receive warning notifications in case of employee relocation.