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  • Indoor5.0 - RFID Asset Tracking system

Asset Tracking

In your building, you can track all equipment via battery-free RFID tags on a single platform such as; kitchen equipment, library equipment, restaurant equipment, laptop, computer, monitor, etc.

RFID tags in various shapes can transfer data up to between 2-20m. RFID tags, which are specially selected for use-cases as the application type, are used in various ways as screwable, sewable, adhesive models according to the way of use.

For more information for the application areas of battery-free RFID tags, please contact us.


Alarm Definition

You can get an alert when an asset moves or leaves from the hotel.

Stock Tracking

Track the number of asset in your warehouse with real time data.

Battery Free Labels

Reduce your maintenance costs with battery-free RFID tags.

RFID Asset Tracking System Features

  • Track to Computer, laptop, monitor, bed, kettle, curtain via battery-free RFID tags.
  • Management of processes such as asset adding, tracking, etc. on Dashboard
  • You can instantly count your assets on the Dashboard.
  • User authorization feature, your worker can see the embezzled devices on the Dashboard and add new devices
  • You can create asset categories and filter on the dashboard according to the created categories.
  • You can create asset footprint with asset Log records
  • You can create an email notification if the asset moves from one place to another place.
  • You can track assets when assets go for repairs to the supplier and when they come again



Reduce maintenance costs


Know the amount of assets


Reduce the Lost/Stolen costs


There are different types of RFID tags that you can use according to your needs.

Adhesive Label

Self-adhesive RFID tags to track asset

Sewable Laundry Label

Sewable and washable labels to track textiles such as towels, quilts

High Temperature Labels

RFID Labels that can endurance up to 230 degrees

Metal Surface Labels

Adhesive and screw-on labels that you can mount on metal surfaces