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8th Tourism Technologies Day Event

8th Tourism Technologies Day Event

The 8th Tourism Technologies Day event (24th October 2023 Hotel Su in Antalya), which took place at Antalya Hotel Su, garnered great interest among professionals in the resort hotel sector, including IT managers, general managers, and relevant executives. Our booth at the event received a significant number of visitors who showed interest in our RTLS Solutions.

In brief, the RTLS products showcased at the tourism fair include

1.Inventory Tracking

Through a mobile application, all inventory items are recorded on a dashboard along with their location and categorization. RFID tags are attached to important inventory items and RFID readers are placed at specific locations (such as doorways) to track the movement of these items. Alerts, alarms, and email notifications can be generated when these items pass through these areas. The mobile application also allows for on-field inventory counting, with the option to upload photos of the inventory items onto the system. The dashboard provides comprehensive reports on inventory status, maintenance schedules, repair processes, log histories, personnel involved in handling the inventory, discrepancies in inventory counts, and detailed transaction records. Furthermore, the recorded data can be exchanged with ERP programs such as SAP, Logo, Oracle for seamless integration.

2.Children's Club Digitization on a Single Platform

This feature encompasses a child registration, refund, and tracking system, density maps of the children's club, tracking of special notes from parents (such as allergies, dietary requirements, etc.), integration of wristbands with turnstiles, and room registration via wristbands.

3.Laundry Management System on a Single Platform

This system enables the tracking of laundry items, monitoring of laundry processes, and management of fixed assets in the laundry department.

4.People Counting Module

This advanced camera technology allows real-time tracking of people entering and exiting your business premises. With INCount technology, only the person counts are transmitted to the dashboard, preventing unnecessary server resource usage. By using low-cost servers, this technology facilitates the digital transformation of your business and provides accurate information about visitor footfall.

5.Guest/Customer Density/Heat Map Module

This module creates heat maps of the most visited locations by guests/visitors. It also tracks customer interaction and foot traffic during in-store campaigns and facilitates personalized marketing efforts by generating visitor footprints within the business premises. Additionally, it tracks shopping carts used by customers within the store, enabling analysis of shopping cart utilization.

By leveraging these cutting-edge RTLS solutions, businesses in the hospitality industry can enhance their inventory management, streamline child club operations, optimize laundry processes, gain insights into customer footfall, and personalize marketing strategies. In this era of technological advancements, the integration of such solutions has become essential for businesses looking to stay competitive.

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