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  • Indoor5.0 - Smart Cabinet Tracking System

Indoor5.0 - Smart Cabinet Tracking System

Track the products placed in the smart cabinet with RFID technology integrated into the Smart Cabinet as a real time. When a product is taken from the Smart Cabinet, you will be notified immediately whether the product that should be taken is actually taken or if a different product has been taken. With the smart RFID cabinet system, it is possible to monitor assets or important processes.


You can manage your processes more efficiently with the RFID smart cabinet.

Increase Security


Increase Traceability


Prevent Loss and Displacements

Smart Shelf and Cabinet Tracking System Features

  • Confirmation of correct processing for products taken from or placed in the Smart Cabinet
  • Determining whether the products in a project recipe are used correctly or not
  • Confirmation of which product is currently in which Smart locker
  • Reports of all product log records on Dashboard
  • Management of Smart Cabinet via Dashboard